Hardware Interactions

At WizData Systems, we are experts in hardware interactions, sensor systems, signal processing, and automated data collection from external devices using serial, USB and wireless channels, as well as a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf data acquisition boards.

With more than fifteen years of combined experience, we've successfully created a broad range of hardware communication and data acquisition solutions. These include:

  • Applications that conduct industrial tests of paper durability and flammability of plastics
  • Solutions that analyze pressure distribution for various products such as brake pads, mattresses, and shoe insoles
  • Software that operates industrial testing equipment
  • Analysis package capable of produces instructions for CNC machines
  • Custom software that enables communication with multipoint surface temperature and pressure sensors

Additionally, we utilize advanced algorithms for hardware calibration, noise filtering and data validation.

Our solutions are known for comprehensive, intuitive interfaces that allow users to easily navigate collected data. We also offer proprietary state-of-the-art visualization tools - including sophisticated visual interpolation, charts and 3D graphs - that enable users to efficiently and effectively analyze and interpret the data.

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