WizData Systems, Inc.

WizData Systems, Inc. is a New Jersey-based software consulting firm. Founded in 1998, the company offers years of experience in data collection and mining. WizData Systems leverages a unique scientific programming approach to provide clients with robust, cutting-edge custom solutions for data extraction and statistical data analysis, risk calculation and mitigation, automated scheduling and resource optimization, modeling and simulation of complex environments, and more.

WizData Systems employs dedicated and highly-experienced consulting and development teams with strong professional backgrounds and advanced degrees in computer science, mathematics, physics, and engineering. These teams, located in the U.S. and abroad, focus their efforts on providing superior service at the lowest possible cost. Our staff works around the clock to create powerful, yet cost-effective custom-tailored solutions for clients around the globe.

Leading organizations on five continents have relied on WizData Systems to develop and implement solutions to help streamline and enhance key business processes, increase efficiency and productivity, and minimize operational costs.

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