WizData Systems has successfully developed over 100 custom solutions for data and risk analysis, automated scheduling, resource optimization, data extraction, and more. We created solutions for manufacturing, banking and finance, automotive, medical services, and other industries.

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We programmed a forecasting library. This library, created to be embedded into the client's current system, was analyzing historical trends of sales of a particular product or class of products and utilizing it for the current year forecast.

This library was designed to analyze and forecast over 100,000 items.

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For one of our clients we created a system that determines an optimal level of staffing at local bank branches. The system was based on mathematical analysis of the bank's structure and historical trends. Monte Carlo simulation methods were used in simulation of day-to-day branch operations.

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Created software for a testing machine that was designed to test quality and burst rate of industrially created plastic bottles for carbonated beverages. The internal pressure inside the bottle was increased until it burst. The data was collected through a series of sensors and analyzed.

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We created a customization for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) that offers additional screens and modifies functionality of existing screens. A special module had been created to store, display and manage customer contract information.

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We created an application for analysis of pressure points. Pressure between patients' back and the bed was measured in hundreds of points. Software calculated overall statistics as well as individual statistics for specific areas of interest, such as lower back. User interface is complimented by charts and 3D views.

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