Retail Industry

WizData is committed to delivering state of the art technology solutions that empower your retail company’s decision makers with a competitive edge.  WizData can develop proprietary software or integrate with your current operating system to optimize inventory forecasting, price level optimization, forecast the ideal place to open your next location, even simplify scheduling your employees to save time and money.

With our scientific programming approach, we can efficiently and effectively create robust, innovative custom software applications for:

  • Collection and analysis of statistical data
  • Modeling of complex environments and running simulations
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Automating resource scheduling and optimizing resource utilization
  • Identifying bottlenecks and streamlining key processes
  • Forecasting trends and projecting future performance
  • Cluster analysis and identification of behavioral groups

Retail Industry Case Studies and White Papers

WizData was engaged to develop a model for predicting an optimal assortment mix based on historical data to assist in purchasing.  The model employs data mining techniques to extract information about historical trends, analyzes prior performance and develops the best matching assortment curve.  The model even produces specific results for each specific location.

WizData Systems’ Core Scheduler is particularly effective at providing labor management solutions to medium and large enterprises that manage large workforces at multiple locations.  Our employee scheduling programs are designed to provide dynamic real time information to management including optimal resource levels needed at a particular interval of time as well as the cost associated with optimal scheduling.  It also provides the tools for supervisors to easily manage employee scheduling without being time or labor intensive.


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